Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon – Free Unlimited Gold, Elexer, Lumber And Blood Diamonds Hack

Game lovers are always seeking new cheat games. After being bored playing a game for several days, they look for something new to play. For them, the developers are creating games every passing month which would keep them engaged for long hours. This game- Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon hack is a game for gamers who love to play strategic games.

The cheat game not only keeps the players engaged but also enhances the player’s strategic skills and mental sharpness. It is a massively multiplayer real-time strategical game. The objective of the cheat game is to gain the power to beat your enemy.

It is a simple cheat game and while playing the game one should always remember a single stick is easily breakable but a bunch of sticks isn’t. No one can win a war all alone. A solid group is needed at the back. Let’s have a lock on what else the game has to offer you.

Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon Hack Cheat

Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon Gameplay

The player has to gather and spend as many cheat resources as they can to train the troops and upgrade their abilities. The cheat players need to manage their resources, people, and time because these are the three key things for surviving in the Art of Conquest hack.

Even if the players have gathered many cheat resources they will lose their resources due to the lack go good defence. Their cheat resources will be stolen by their enemy players. Players must have powerful allies who will support them in their defense and offense and that would be a key to their success.

If you want to get around, just tap on the place where you want to go. For instance, tap on the buildings if you want to access them to build troops. You will take one hour to find out where all the things are placed. If you are a first-time player, tap on everything to know where everything is located. You can also use the Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon Cheat version.

Resources Of The Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon Game

The game is loaded with numerous features. The features will help the players to move to the next level of the game and win the game. The various resource are discussed below:

Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon Hack Cheat Civilizations


The main resource in Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon is hack Gold. In the game, gold can be used in almost everything. Some of the uses are: to train the cheat troops, to upgrade the troops, you can also buy mercenaries with gold.

There are a lot more uses of free gold in this game of Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon hack. Unlimited hack Gold is the resource you will have more compared to any other cheat resource in the game and it would probably be the most spent resource among the rest of the cheat resources because using gold as a resource is much easier than any other resource.


Elixer is another resource of Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon hack. It is a blue bottle icon and this resource is used in the academy to produce some research upgrades and cheat units. A player is likely to have plenty of free Elixer until they play lich because some hack units want unlimited Exlier to produce and not gold.


Mithril is a green-colored hack icon resource. Mithril is the rarest among the three advanced resources. This is because every race needs free mithril to make their frontline hack units. Another reason why the mithril is rare is that there is little mithril money and they are very far from the capital. The players will find a shortage of unlimited mithril and the other players will attack to plunder all the mithril.

City Credit

This resource can be only earned from the city where you live in. City credits never transfer if you move to other cities. These are used when you collect guard towers and troops. Troops cost 50 credits and guards tower costs 10 credits.


Lumber is a hack resource that is mainly used to build buildings and also to upgrade the buildings. Not just this, free Lumber is also used to research the hack upgrades of the academy. Unlimited Lumber is an important resource because in the game the building cost a lot of wood later and it would be very complex to keep their demand. People will attack the players over this particular cheat resource.

Blood Diamond

Similar to its name, it’s a red secondary resource that can be used to build advanced hack units like silver and gold tier units. The hack resource is quite common compared to its sister resources- Mithril and Crystals.

The reason behind this is maximum units that are made of blood diamonds are not counted as staple units for the races, and so there are a lot of unlimited blood diamonds laying here and there which can be great if the player can specialize in the hack units which use of free blood diamonds.


This hack resource is used to increase player’s rank to unlock various new types of buildings, obtain some heroes, and change player’s races through castle building. With unlimited honor resources, people can also buy an item with pattern designs near their capital. People can even gamble the resource in the black market to gain some items they need. Free Honor can be gained by battling with players. Battles include robbing other player’s guard towers and castles.


In the game, crystal is a resource that is in a fair balance of demand and supply. There are many mines to produce crystals and it’s a staple unit that is needed. At the same time, there is no shortage of free crystals. It’s not a rare cheat resource but it’s not as common as blood diamond either. Unlimited Crystals will be found in the apk version of Art Conquest.

Some advanced resources are:

Adamantium -used to unlock the void heroes and in the void to buy items from the market
Building Rush – Time is skipped with this during building upgrades.
Tech Rush – You can skip time with tech rush at the time of research upgrades
Troop Rush -Time can be skipped during troop training

How to collect the resource in Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon

These are some of the ways through which you can unlock and collect resources in the game.


Achievements are the best option to get every resource. You can collect ample gold if you defeat your enemies and win the game. The achievements also help you to target higher levels in the game. There are numerous ways for achievements. More golds and diamonds can be achieved with these achievements.

Complete your work daily

There is a list of work given daily. You need to complete the work to earn gold. There is a significant amount of gold allotted for the daily completion of work. If you complete each work at the end of the day you get to earn resources that are not less.

Logging in

If you log in continuously you get the privilege to earn some amount of diamonds and gold daily. This is also allotted for the day. If you miss out one day, the next time you log in, you can avail the opportunity.

New challenges

Win every new challenge with your strategic skills. Build troops that would help you in the combat with your enemy. Train your troops with your resources and take them to the battlefield and win more resources.

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About the Developer of Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon

The developer of the game is Lilith game. Lilith game was founded by Simon Wang in the year 2013. The company very conveniently positioned itself as one of the top mobile game companies in China. Lilith game is located in Shanghai, which is one of the hot high-tech pots in entire Asia.

The company Lilith Games has made a significant impact in the global market of mobile by its first launch of the game Soul hunters, which was one of the top-grossing games in East Asia. Lilith has an inspiring work environment and state-of-the-art amenities that enhance their work performance.

The company gets its fund from Venture Capital IDG Capital Partners. They work hard to create a striking experience for the players around the world. The CEO of Lilith Games “Xinwen Wang” was mentioned in Forbes China.

He was one of the successful entrepreneurs under the age of 30 who were able to gain victory and popularity. Soul Hunters is the flagship title of the company and it has acquired more than 80 million players around the world after its launch.

Lilith Games started as a small project of some friends and has now grown up to become a giant developer and publisher company. The company employs more than 200 people worldwide. They are always on a spree to create exciting and innovative games for the players.


In Art of Conquest-Dark Horizon, you have to fight with the dragon creature. So get armed and be the legendary hero by defeating the creature. In this game, the player has to combat with other players too. It’s a strategic game full of excitement. With the game, the player gets to learn few things in real life.

Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon hack of the game let the players learn about finance and how to use them productively. So, playing the game would not only give them enjoyment but they would learn many things.

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