Call of Duty: Mobile – Free Unlimited COD/CP Points Hack

Call of Duty Mobile is an exciting battle royale game to play on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Activision had published this game in October 2019 and today it has surpassed over 500 million downloads on Android and iOS devices.

Popularly known as COD mobile among gamers, this game offers both single-player and multiplayer gameplay options. Go solo when your buddies are offline and match with some equally ranked players. Enjoy tactical gameplay when the entire squad is available and score multiple wins in a day.

Millions of mobile users are enjoying COD mobile every day. Many use the Call of Duty Mobile cheat to beat the toughest opponents!

Call Of Duty Mobile Cheat Hack

Call of Duty Mobile: Gameplay

Competing with games like PUBG mobile, Garena Free Fire, and newly launched apex legends mobile, COD Mobile offers exciting gameplay. You can enjoy Multiplayer and Battle Royale games in Call of Duty Mobile! Let’s explore both modes in detail:

Multiplayer Gameplay

Call Of Duty Mobile Multiplayer Gameplay

Beginners may find it a bit daunting to switch to COD mobile, especially because of its gameplay modes. Most experts recommend the multiplayer gaming mode to begin the gameplay.

You can pick to play with ranked or non-raked games in this mode. You will have to earn “Credits” in-game currencies to acquire premium items in the game. Play and win the game to earn more credits. COD Points are premium currencies that you have to buy for real-world money.

Do not worry about premium currency if you don’t want to spend your bucks! You get the latest Call of Duty Mobile hack to generate free supplies and play like a pro.

The multiplayer mode won’t seem tough if you have played COD games before. There will be games like Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and so on. Essentially, COD Mobile multiplayer mode is quite entertaining and exciting. Try it before you go for the Battle Royale mode.

Battle Royale mode

Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Mode Gameplay

The Battle Royale mode is the most exciting gaming mode. Most mobile gamers are familiar with this gameplay mode, but newbies may find it a bit daunting.

There will be 100 players ready to launch in the game and you can go solo, in a two-man squad, or a four-man squad. The game begins when there are 100 players in the lobby. The plan will go randomly through the map and you can pick a location to jump and collect weapons.

This game automatically assigns the jump leader who can pick the location to jump. Unlike PUBG mobile, the COD Mobile game offers a knife to carry with the player. Weapons, healing items, and other collectible items are strewn on the map. Collect your weapons and other items to get ready for the fight. Activate the COD Mobile hack to spot opponents and eliminate them.

Your goal should be holding a well-protected position in the safe zone and kill all the enemies. Do not get stuck outside the safe zone otherwise, you will get killed. The last surviving team wins the game and scores the best points.

Suppose you do not like long gameplay, you can try short battle royale modes, such as Alcatraz and Blitz. You will compete against 40 players and there are modes, such as snipers only! You can use the COD mobile hack in all modes.

Call of Duty Mobile: Premium Resources

As mentioned earlier, this game has two types of currencies, Credits and COD Points. You can earn credits by playing Battle Royale and Multiplayer games in the game. It also offers several challenges and tasks that you have to complete for earning credits. Now, let’s gain more information on premium items:

Call Of Duty Mobile Collect Rewards Cheat Hack

COD Points or CP

It is a premium in-game currency required to buy premium items from the in-game store. This game offers various deals on CP. You have to spend real money to buy CP and you can spend your CPs to buy weapon skins and other things in the game.

Most Battle Royale games have such a premium currency. It is totally optional, but many players buy CPs to acquire unique items and characters in the game. You can generate free CP if you got a working Call of Duty Mobile hack program.

Battle Pass

Although the Battle Pass is free, it can be more rewarding for CP holders. Every player gets a Battle Pass and it delivers some of the most exciting items in the game. The game asks you to finish your daily or weekly tasks to jump into higher tiers and gain better rewards.

There are 100 tiers and you unlock an exciting reward as you reach the higher tier. You can gain credits, XP cards, character skins free, and weapon skins free, and more exciting items. You can also earn over 25 rare rifles in the game if you reach higher tiers. Gain COD Points free and you will be able to unlock the most exciting premium items for free. Or use the Call of Duty Mobile cheat program to generate whatever required!

Premium Pass

Do you want to gain the best rewards COD mobile has to offer? Get the premium pass and you will be able to unlock premium rewards that cost over 8,000 CPs! Premium Pass also offers some Elite Tasks which are not available for ordinary users.

You can check all the premium rewards and tasks on the Battle Pass Screen. Premium Pass may seem expensive and therefore COD Mobile hack is a great alternative for premium resources.

Many COD mobile streamers launch premium pass giveaway events to reward their followers. You have to be their premium subscriber in order to gain the giveaway rewards. You can try other tactics if you don’t want to spend hours on a streamer’s stream.

Premium Pass Plus

It is a more expensive form of Premium Pass. It offers an instant 25-tier skip and you gain more premium rewards. Those rewards cost up to 12,000 CPs. You can get the premium pass plus free if you follow a smart way of acquiring this COD mobile scheme. Use the Call of Duty Mobile cheat tool to save real money and get free in-game money.

How to acquire COD Mobile premium resources for free?

Call of Duty Mobile offers free gameplay, but its premium items always allure players. Every player wants to acquire weapon skins for free. People look for ways of generating CP free. Is it even possible to gain COD mobile gun skins free? Yes, it is possible if you get in-game currency CP for free.

Be a smart user and try the COD mobile hack to generate unlimited CP free. Pick a highly sophisticated tool for this action. Poor quality tools can cause a permanent ban of your ID in the game! You will lose all your premium weapon skins and progress in the game.

How to Play Call of Duty Mobile?

Being a free-to-play mobile game, COD mobile can offer hours of entertainment. You can even become a professional eSports player if you master the craft of destroying enemies in this game. It’s quite entertaining, exciting, and one of the most rewarding mobile games.

Play a few games, in the beginning, to check on-screen controls and understand how this game works. Now, position controls according to your convenience. Position all buttons on-screen properly so that you can easily move, jump, and shoot in the game.

Make sure gun sensitivity settings are perfect to support your fast-paced gameplay. You have to be faster than your enemies to gain more kills and more rewards. Activate the COD Mobile hack whenever possible to make it impossible for the opponent to beat you.

Call of Duty Mobile: Game Requirements

Some users enjoy a smooth COD mobile gameplay without lagging issues, but the rest struggle in the game. Such issues occur mainly due to the user’s device and his internet connection. Let’s check the game requirements for different types of devices to avoid issues.

COD Mobile Android device requirements

The official COD Mobile website states that you need an Android mobile with at least 2 GB RAM. Your device must be running Android 5.1 or a higher variant to run this game. These are very basic requirements but most users with such devices face lagging issues.

You should use a device with at least 4-6 GB of RAM and the latest Android version. The COD Mobile hack tool has no such requirements.

COD Mobile iOS device requirements

You can easily run the COD mobile game on an iOS device. It must have at least 2 GB RAM and it should be using iOS 9.0 or a higher iOS OS variant. Essentially, this game works smoothly on most iOS devices. Therefore, iOS users often don’t complain about the lagging problem.

Final thoughts

The TiMi Studio Group has used the Unity engine to craft this amazing mobile game. Activision has ensured it reaches millions of gaming enthusiasts across the globe. Although COD mobile claims to be a free mobile game, every player knows premium items are not free.

Call of Duty Mobile cheat offers a smart way of bypassing the purchase option. Use it to gain unlimited in-game resources for free. Thus, you can gain the best character with the best weapons, unlimited CPs, and impressive skins!

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