Legends of Runeterra – Free Unlimited Shards and Cards Hack

Riot Games has developed and published some of the top trending games in the world. It’s a well-known name among gamers. Users know it’s something special whenever Riot Games introduces a new title.

Legends of Runeterra is a digital collectible card game set in the League of Legends Universe. This game is based on the Magic: The Gathering physical card game. Now, this card game is globally available for free.

Millions of downloads on Android and iOS prove that Legends of Runeterra is quite entertaining. Being able to use Legends of Runeterra hack, users truly love the way this game performs.

Legends of Runeterra Hack Cheat

Legends of Runeterra Gameplay

This game offers PVP gameplay. Both players have 20 health points when the game begins. An opponent, whose health reduces first, loses the game.

You will have four cards when the game begins. You can trade any of your cards for another card from the deck if you don’t like what you got! Draw one card in each round and spend mana to progress ahead. Try LoR cheats to gain unlimited Mana if there aren’t enough crystals.

You will have zero mana when the game begins, but you can gain one mana crystal in each round. A player can gain a maximum of ten mana crystals. Suppose you don’t spend all the crystals, 3 of them are automatically when the round is over.

You can save those crystals for future rounds because it’s not possible to cast spells without Mana crystals. Or, generate free crystals with Legends of Runeterra cheats.

What many gamers loved in this game is the combat pacing feature. The “Attack Token” symbol defines which player is going to attack and which one is going to defend. It changes from one player to another.

The player is planning to attack when there is a Sword icon and he is trying to defend when there is a Shield icon. Suppose you get special cards, you can attack without using an Attack Token. Thus, you can cause more damage to your opponent when he is not ready to defend.

Beginners may find Legends of Runeterra a bit difficult, especially if they haven’t played its physical variant. However, it takes just a few attempts to understand how things work in this game.

You have to use several factions to complete a deck of cards. Pick your cards smartly along with champions to develop a cross-faction synergy. Deck building is a bit tricky in this game because there are a huge variety of cards. You must activate Legends of Runeterra hacks to gain free supplies for improved performance.

Legends of Runeterra Hack Cheat Resources

Legends of Runeterra premium resources

Since Legends of Runeterra is a card game, the most important things in this game are cards. You are going to need in-game resources like cards, card packs, and chests to speed up your progress.

Shards work as the in-game currency in this game. Gain and unlock those chests to get free shards. Use the Shards Hack to maintain unlimited supply of this currency.

There are shards, chests, capsules, card decks, and many other resources to acquire in Legends of Runeterra. Use the Legends of Runeterra hack to maintain an unlimited supply of these resources without spending real money.

How to play Legends of Runeterra?

You have to be strategic in your approach when playing this game. Your tactics define the experience and your level in this game. A seasoned campaigner will easily spot you if you throw cards without giving your moves some thought.

It will be much easy to beat you when you don’t apply strategies and use hacks. You can emerge as one of the toughest players if you follow the below-given tips.

Legends of Runeterra Hack Cheat Rank

Choose your cards wisely

Each player enters with four cards in the PVP battle. You get enough time to react and counterattack. That counterattack will be effective only when you got a better card than your opponent.

Pick your champion cards wisely before you go for the battle. Each cord got a unique mechanic that represents destructive League of Legends abilities. Fill your deck with the most powerful cards and smartly use those cards.

Thus, you can level up quickly and become a more seasoned player than many others. You can also increase the level of your champions to gain Champion Mastery crests and some remarkable rewards.

Win premium supplies

You will have to buy cards if you can’t win them. You can use shards and wildcards to acquire new cards. Always keep your account filled with shards to buy whatever you need for a flawless performance in the game.

If you smartly manage the collection of cards, it won’t be necessary to pay for what you need. Suppose you aren’t getting specific cards after several attempts, you can buy them. Complete the collection with the help of LoR cheats to save real money.

Do not worry about losing a game because you will progress and gain experience. Explore new regions, find new allies, champions, and spells to enjoy the game. Don’t miss an opportunity to open chests from the vault. These chests help players in increasing their ranks. There are also premium rewards, like cards, shards, etc.

Rank up!

Legends of Runeterra is a globally popular card game. It got players from many countries and therefore it has categorized players into four regions. Only top-performing players can gain a spot among the top 1024 players from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Southeast Asia regions.

Top-ranked players gain glory, pride, and amazing cash prizes. You should play to increase the rank. Win more battles and increase the level of your champion to gain a better rank. Seasonal tournaments feature the toughest opponents in this game.

Suppose you don’t gain the required rank to participate in seasonal tournaments, you can try the Last Chance Gauntlet. It is a time-bound competitive game mode with different rules and premium rewards. Participate, use the LoR hack and win games in this mode to get a direct pass for seasonal tournaments.

Do not be predictable

This game features champions and allies from various factions of Runeterra. Those factions are Noxus, Demacia, Frelijord, Lonia, Piltover & Zuan, Shadow Isles, and Shurima. Don’t just stick to the same champion and region because you have won some games with that tactic.

Try new regions and champions to gain a tactical advantage over your opponent. You have to quickly adapt, combine, and experiment to be the best card player in this game. The Legends of Runeterra cheat will also help you secure more appealing rewards and level up quickly.

What should you do to get new cards?

You can play this game daily to get lucky and unlock new cards or buy them! Riot Games recommend slow and entertaining progress. However, many players want to progress faster and therefore they often use Shards to buy new cards.

You can also use wildcards to increase the collection of cards. Remember that each card got a unique value according to its rarity in the game. There are common, rare, epic, and champion cards in the game. Each region offers the same amount of cards.

You will have to spend 2500 shards to acquire common cards. Rare cards cost up to 5400 shards and epic cards can cost up to 7200 shards. You will need 12000 shards to acquire all the champion cards. All in all, you will need 27100 shards to acquire all the cards.

Many players have used their shards to acquire all four kinds of wildcards. Thus, they have increased their card collection and dominated the game. Unfortunately, it is a slow and tiring process to gain enough shards to acquire all those amazing cards. Therefore, Legends of Runeterra offers a pack of shards. You can pick a pack and buy it or generate it through the Legends of Runeterra hack.

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Graphics and sounds:

Being set in the League of Legends universe, this card game got the best visuals. Even though it’s a card game, it seems like an epic anime series running on the screen. You will feel the visual charm of this video game on both large and small screen devices.

Developers have used engaging sound effects to make each move and every moment special for the player. This game allows you to change the deck style and board theme to enjoy the game in a better way. Stay well-focused on your strategies because it requires tactical gameplay to beat good opponents in this game.

Final thoughts

It is quite tough to resist the in-game purchase when you are playing the LoR game! It is featuring amazing visuals from the League of Legends universe. Many champions will look familiar if you are a huge fan of the LoL game.

Beginners don’t always plan to spend their money when playing a free-to-play mobile game. Things soon get quite entertaining, interesting, and competitive. Lack of shards and cards encourage players to spend some bucks on new cards. It happens to every player and that’s how developers earn a lot of money.

Fortunately, some smart users have discovered the Legends of Runeterra cheat to generate unlimited shards for free. Whether you need new cards, champions, or shards, try the LoR hack to generate these resources for free. Thus, you can progress faster and gain the best rank without spending any penny!

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