Mafia City – Free Unlimited Gold Hack

If you prefer to play strategy video games, you probably need no introduction to Mafia City. This cheat game is one of the top games that millions of players enjoy playing. This hack game gives you the freedom to play in your way, hire thugs from other gangs and create your clan along with other players.

Players can buy weapons and vehicles in this cheat game for easy transportation from one place to another. Players also have the liberty to chat with beautiful babes in the hack game. In short, this cheat game allows players to be the boss (mafia) that everybody once dreams of. Mafia city cheat game offers power in your hands to do whatever you like. However, keep in mind that dangers are surrounding you as well. One unplanned action and you will be as good as dead.

Players are expected to think about the future of their gang and act accordingly in Mafia city cheat. As you play the hack game, collect resources to expand your base and monitor trade weapons, outside operations in the black market, and try to develop connections with big people. Remember that you have to be stronger than your competitors. Only then can you become the head of your criminal city in this cheat game.

Let’s know more about Mafia City cheat from its gameplay.

Mafia City Cheat Hack

Mafia City Gameplay

The gameplay of this cheat game is moreover simple. But the gameplay is different from the other mafia games in the sense that usually mafia games present the protagonist leading a civilisation to victory while Mafia City cheat depicts how to lead a mafia clan. Not many games have this type of gameplay. Moreover, if you talk about strategies, some mafia games have none at all.

Playing Mafia City cheat is easy. Player’s don’t have to think much before making any move. You simply need to play the cheat game and monitor if everything is being done correctly by your team members. In some cases, you have to give orders related to several things like construction works, etc.

Use any effective Mafia City hack and earn rewards and other privileges.

When the hack game begins, players have to look for a place in their base. You can rebuild existing buildings and develop them. If you are intending to occupy a villa, you have to kick out its members and occupy the space. Hiring a few thugs in this hack game would be better. Once you have found a place to settle, you can begin your journey as the mafia king.

However, remember that the criminal hack world is subjected to strict rules. Every clan wishes to see its leader as the leader of the entire Mafia City hack. Who wouldn’t want, especially considering the privileges that come with the position? Therefore, you have to overtake your competitor’s right from the beginning to stay on top of the mafia world. Negotiate with other leaders, murder unwanted people and use threats to get things done. In short, if you are looking forward to an amazing, immersive gaming experience, this game is a must-try.

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Mafia City List of Resources

Like all other hack mafia games, Mafia City hack too provides innumerable resources to its players. With the help of resources, players can buy items, upgrade their position, upgrade weapons and do a lot of other things. In Mafia City hack, the main resource is gold. We have discussed gold in detail below.

Mafia City Gold

Gold unlimited is the main currency that’s available in Mafia City. Instead of directly collecting items while playing, you can collect gold which will function for a lot of things. When you have collected enough gold, your construction process will automatically get fastened. You can also acquire gold free in the game.

You can see if there is any sale of gold. How do know that? Simply click on the upper right side of the hack game screen through the gold icon. If you are purchasing gold for the first time, you are likely to get bonus gold as well. However, don’t spend your gold stock limitlessly. It might be useful at the end when you have got nothing left.

A sufficient amount of gold also increases your VIP status in the hack game. For that, you have to click on the VIP button, located on the upper left side of the main screen. From here, you can get all information related to your position in the hack game. Reaching certain levels in the game unlocks different operation slots, villas, and weapons. Also, the higher your rank is in the game, the faster will be the progress rate.

Be careful to not spend your money recklessly. Micro transactions that aren’t tracked must be avoided because the players don’t know how much they are spending. Even if the amount might appear small and affordable, continually doing so might deplete you with a large sum of money.

This is how you are to use your valuable gold resource. Mostly use it to buy weapons and upgrade your position in the game. Let’s now read about something else related to Mafia City hack.

Guide to farm in Mafia City

If you aren’t willing to spend all your hack gold resources in the game, you have to get a farm account. Farm accounts will help you gather resources faster which will be beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it will help players to finish their construction works and keep their investment queue busy at all times.

To know everything about the basics of setting up a farm account to using advanced features related to upgrading the game and using your farm account to get the maximum benefit, continue to read below. This hack guide is expected to help you in getting a rough idea of this process.

To create a farm account, you must start the hack game from the beginning. To do that,
Click on your game character at the top left corner of the screen. Now, click on settings, on the bottom right of the screen. Now go to account.

Now select start a new game.

Before clicking on that, you must check whether your current account is linked to google play or Facebook. If it’s not, starting a new hack game would erase all your progress in the game. You will have to start from level 1 again. If you are ready to lose your progress, you can proceed without checking.

Another thing to check is the cheat city you are playing in. This will make it easier for you to teleport your farm account to the city in which your primary gaming account is.

Once you start playing the new game, you would be asked to construct a few buildings and upgrade a few of them too. You also have to train troops. Once these tasks are done, connect this account of yours to a Facebook account or Google Play account. However, remember that this Facebook or Google Play account must be different from your main account.

Wondering how to bind your accounts?

Go to settings. Now click on account and then bind Google.

Once you have finished connecting your accounts, you will have to teleport to the main city where you started playing the game for the first time. How to do this? Follow the steps below.

Select the map option on the bottom left of the screen. Upon clicking, the miniature city map would appear.

Select the globe option which can be found at the bottom left. This will take you to the world map. From here, you will be able to move to the cheat city in which your main account is. Now, move to your original city and join the clan that you were a part of in this cheat game. From there start upgrading your farm account immediately.

You can upgrade your farm account in this cheat game to level 6 or 7 in one day. Try to speed up the process by doing the side tasks, if possible. Remember that you need to rise to level 15 as soon as possible.

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Mafia City Game developer

Mafia City hack, also called Mafia City: war of underworld is a city-building video game that is available for free download. It’s also a strategy, crew management simulator video game that was released and distributed by Yotta Games limited on 30th March 2017. The game was released for both android and iOS platforms.

Yotta Games, the developer of Mafia City is an independent gaming studio that specialises in developing strategy video games. Some of the most popular games developed by Yotta Games are Chief Almighty, First thunder BC, etc. The company generates revenue through in-game purchases.

This gaming company was founded in 2012. Since then, the developers have dedicated themselves to developing improved video games. It strives to create its identity globally by publishing as many games as possible. Gradually, apart from publishing, Yotta Games started to produce games as well. So far, the games it has produced are still played by people around the globe. They are still popular among gamers and this proves how excellent they are at their job.

Yotta Games is currently on the list of the top 10 companies in the mobile gaming field. Depending on the team’s powerful R and D strength and 3D marketing strength, they have stayed focused on launching and promoting games that players especially love to play.

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